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Research done by Maxim!

Posted by Loren Varga 
Research done by Maxim!
May 03, 2013 08:59PM
Hi: My name is Loren Varga and I live in NJ.USA. My grandparents came from the village of Nagy Gejocz in Ung Megye,Transcarpathia. My mothers family has been in America since the 1600's.The sum of the genealogical info I could get out of my father was the name of his parents and the village they came from. That was it! Believe me when I tell you I would have given everything I owned to have records from Nagy Gejocz on my Varga ancestors. In 1991 I even made the journey to Nagy Gejocz. My friend and I were the first outsiders to the village since 1944! The villagers told me about the old church books but that they had been taken by the Soviets.They did not know what had happened to them. About two years ago someone told me about Maxim. At first I was sceptical that anyone could get me actual photos from the record books.

I contacted Maxim and discovered that his English was as good as mine. No communication problem at all! I told him what info I had and he went to work. Not to much later I had the photos from the original church books in my email. My grandparents record of births and their marriage. To say that I was elated would be an understatement. Needless to say I have kept him busy looking for other leads in the record books. I was able to get my ancestors from that village back to the 1700's. A real miracle!!!

Maxim is very professional and a great one to ask advice as to what to look for next! I cannot praise him enough! I find his prices to be reasonable and you do not have to wait months to get your results. I highly recommend him! Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Loren Varga
Re: Research done by Maxim!
May 04, 2013 05:43AM
Loren, thank you so much for your complimentary opinion! Our cooperation is great and without doubts, it’s the most extended research in my practice. You gave me great chance to improve my skills in process. smiling smiley

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