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Genealogical research

Posted by Fr. Michael 
Genealogical research
January 10, 2015 07:43PM
Христос Рождається!

I just wanted to add my words of satisfaction to those of the others you have read. Maxim completed research for me a couple of months ago for my family in Zakarpattya (Dudash in Kal’nyk and Bilej in Patskan’ovo) and I was thorough satisfied with the whole process. I could only provide limited information that had been handed down through the years to start, but as vague as it was it turned out to be accurate and Maxim was able to trace both families back several generations- in fact, as far back as the vital records went! We literally ran out of records.

He provided very clear photo documentation of births, deaths, and marriages, and his report provides translations for those of you who might not be able to read Ukrainian/Rusyn Cyrillic. He was quite timely in responding, as well.

His fees are certainly fair; much more reasonable than it would be to fly to Uzhhorod and try to see the archive records in person.

Not only was the research able to answer many questions about the past, but by linking together the siblings of my great-grandfather, we were able to re-connect with dozens of cousins here in the US, who we had been separated from for a century!

If anyone wants to contact me with any questions, you can do so at otecmychajlo@verizon.net
Re: Genealogical research
January 11, 2015 08:58AM
Father Michael, thank you so much, it was great pleasure to work with such a kind and spiritual person!

Yes, I've tried to press out the maximum from available vital records and so we got comprehensive picture of both families' life during decades. I'm happy all massive information that I've discovered in books, helped in reunion of descendants who live today. This is impressive example and metaphor, about deep connection of roots of past and leaves of modernity.

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