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Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?

Posted by Maxim 
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
July 23, 2017 12:31PM
Hi Abraham, we have already discussed the case in private so I write this answer mostly for our readers. Jewish records for Munkacs are available from 1850s so cases prior to this mark can't be taken to work. Also, Jewish records have been never filmed by LDS, they exist only as original source books which can be filmed by a researcher.
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
August 01, 2017 10:29AM
Hi Bernadette, yes, this is correct place but availability of church records should be specified. Collection of church books for the area is very limited but some sources for modern Uklyn of Svalyava region are available. Also, there is chance that Uklyn was recorded together with some bigger nearby village like Polyana however this has to be specified, again. And of course, post 1895 civil records are available for Uklyn.
Re: Looking for information about my grandparents
August 02, 2017 08:02AM
Hi Jayne, thanks for writing to me. Your case is understood in general but requires specification. First of all, you note that Mihaly Godovanecz was born “in or around Munkacs”. This moment matters because “around” is a number of villages and GC records available are different. In Munkacs for example, births in 1883 are available. So please specify correct location.

Then, although you you give your ancestor's surname spelling as Gjugovanecz, I'm sure it's distorted version of Godovanecz, which is common Rusyn surname in documents and presently.
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
August 02, 2017 08:08AM
Hi Michele, thank for writing to me. Well, I must say this is conundrum. Language and ethicity "Little Russian" means "Ruthenian" or "Rusyn", back at time it wasn't identical with Russian or Ukrainian. Greek Catholic faith also points to this ethnicity.

You write that his birth place is "Zubrurk" Austria. In many documents Transcarpathian locations usually were marked as Hungary, not Austria, because it was part of Hungary. Austria may mean that family originates from other side of Carpathians, from Galychyna.
Szurte relatives
September 01, 2017 03:05PM

I have already done quite a bit of ancestry research for many branches of our family, including a branch of the Hungarian side for which I have found records on Family Search in both Hungary and across the border in Slovakia. However, there is one branch of the Hungarian side from Szurte that is now in present day Ukraine. When I look through the Family Search records it seems I have never seen any records from Ung County. So, I'm wondering if these records were somehow left out of the Hungarian Church records, even though at the time it was part of Hungary? And if they have been left out, how does your service work? Do you have access to these records? I have the correct names, dates, etc., for the few people I am looking for.

Thanks for any help.
Re: Szurte relatives
September 04, 2017 09:03AM
Greetings, Frances. This is old question which has been asked by different people in different situations. It seems I have some explanations here, in this thread. Anyway, answer is following. LDS has filmed only part of church records of Bereg megye and just. They never filmed civil records, church records of other counties, Jewish records etc. So even though their films are absolutely original, this is only small part of vital records of Transcarpathia. And originals are kept in Uzhgorod, in state archives.

At the same time, original vital records also do not cover all periods for all cities and villages, availability of records is different for different locations and rites. And even official sources contain a lot of mistakes and mismatches. So in many cases availability of vital records is checked manually.

For discussing details like correct names, dates and other important personal information, please check your mail. As usual I discuss details in private.
Hi Maxim,

I am trying to get information on my great-grandparents, and their parents:

Jenö WEINBERGER was born in Uzhgorod on April 5th 1868
His brothers :
- Izidor, born in Uzhgorod between 1862 and 1873
- Mark, born in Uzhgorod on september 13, 1870

and maybe iother brothers or sisters.

Their parents were Armin and Rozalia GUTTMAN (Auslönder ?)

I'd like to go further exact date of birth, date of marriage of parents, dateof birth of parents ...

Is there any possibilities ?

Many Thanx for your help and answer.


I am researching my family who came from the following towns.

Orosztelek Hungary now Ukraine My grandfather, Fedor (Frank) Kopich born (1884) was the son of Michel Kopic' and Anna Stegura (spelling?). Michel had two other wives. I have only found one more Anna Balaghova. Family story is that he lived to be about 100 years old and had 11 children. I have only found 4 including my grandfather.

Benadikovce (Benedeki) Hungary now Ukraine. My grandmother, Anna Petak born 1888 was the daughter of Andrew Petak and Anna Telega (spelling).

I am trying to find out any other information regarding the Petak and Kopich families. Thank you for your time and for reading my post.


Jacqueline Brennan
Hi, I am looking for any information about Josef and Cecilia Schwartz family from TiszaUjlak Hungary. My grandmother, their daughter was born Roseleah/ something like Ruchala in 1919, She also had other several other siblings but the only one I know about is David. Cecelias maiden name was Schreimer or maybe Schwimmer. Is there any information on them. I think Josef might have been killed in the Austro Hungarian war, Supposedly he was thrown from a 2nd story window. Any help would be greatly appreaciated on any info you could find on what happened to them . Rose came to USA on a boar in 1919 under a name of Albok Erze from what her immigration papers said.

CIndy Shaft
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
October 18, 2017 11:55AM
Hi David, yes possibilities exist and they were explained in private mail from me. Here for our readers I may say that there are two different Jewish registers for Ungvar, with different type of records and years available. The family that you've mentioned could be registered in first or second register so result depends on luck.
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
October 18, 2017 12:26PM
Hi Jacqueline, Orosztelek now is Rus'ke and Benedike is Benedykivtsi. GC records for both villages are pretty good so I see chances of success. If you want to find out information regarding the Petak and Kopich families this can be made only through research. We should not forget that at beginning of 20th century even in smallest villages as usual there were few families united by one surname but not by kinship. Their true connections most often could be traced only in church records of later half of 19th century, and it's not always possible, church records are available not for all villages. This way now in 21th century people who have identical last names are most often namesakes, not relatives. Research in church and Austria-Hungarian civil documents helps to establish true genealogical lines.

Please check your mail, I've sent you message with my suggestions.
Hello Maxim,

I am researching for my 2nd great grandfather who lived in Beregszasz(Berehovo), Munkacs (Mukachevo) and Pozsany (Bratislava) areas. I found his marriage record that stated he worked as a manager or high pay job (top position) with Count Schonborn in Munkacs. I am aware that there was another castle who belonged to Count Schonborn in Bratislava too. My 2nd great grandfather had children who were born in Beregszasz and Munkacs and maybe in Bratislava too. I have to check records on Family Search for Pozsany.

I would like to find out how many children did he have and if he did die in Munkacs or Beregszasz. I only found four children so far. My great grandfather was born in Beregszasz in 1867. My 2nd great grandmother was remarried after my 2nd great grandfather died. I would like to find out if I could be able to obtain records. Any suggestions?

Thank you.
Andi Czaban
My great grandparents (Eva Lochivsky & Andrei Magyar) were born in 1980 and 1979 respectively around the Volovets area. They came to the United states in 1905. They had one daughter there before coming to America. Her name is Ann Magyar, born in 1902. I just found out that their last name was changed to Magyar at some point, but originally was Donolov. (Also somewhere in the family line I heard the name Katejek mentioned but I know nothing else of this). Donolov is the correct spelling, but Katejek I just sounded it out. How can I find out more about them? They were Russian and not Hungarian, even tho their last name was a Hungarian name. They were Greek Catholic/Russian Orthodox. Is there a church where I can get their family records? Eva Lochivski also had a brother named Charles which is a nickname for Vasil who also came here from that region. My great aunts are searching for any information of where they lived, and when or why their last name was changed. They are in their 80's and as they tell me, that time is running out for them. Can you help me?
Hello Maxim,

I am trying to obtain Hungarian Citizenship and need to locate my Grandfather, Aladar Grünberger's birth certificate which was lost after he was sent to concentration camps.

He was born 31.01.1900 in Zapson in Austro Hungary (Transcarpatia).

Do you know where I would be able to receive a copyof his Birth Certificate and in the Hungarian Language (if possible)?

Thank you so much for your time.
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
November 08, 2017 11:40AM
Hi Andi, thanks for making your post. I write my reply publicly for our readers, we have already clarified everything related to this case in private.

This is interesting story, I guess I can help you with research in Beregszasz and Munkacs. Collections of vital records for these cities are extended. These are exactly old church source book of vital records and they never have been filmed by LDS. They exist as original paper books.

You ask me if you will be able to obtain records. Rather, I will check books, obtain records and send them to you.

Please check your mail, I have specifying questions to you.
Re: church records/magyar name
November 08, 2017 11:45AM
Hi Karen, yes I could help you but your case requires specification. For example, you mention that your ancestors were born “around Volovets area”. There is Volovets, there is a number of villages around, they have separate church registers, with different years and types of vital records available.

Another important moment is rite of your ancestors, ie their church belonging. You mention “Greek Catholic/Russian Orthodox”, and these are two different rites. For example, pre-1895 Orthodox records for Volovets are not available but there is GC book for this village. So their rite matters, this is important point.

You have mentioned daughter Anna born in 1902. Her birth record should be in civil records anyway and it may contain more detailed information about Eva Lochivsky and Andrei Donolov/Magyar and their origin. But again I would like to know her birth location otherwise area of research will become too vague.

Please check your mail for my questions.
Re: Locating Grandfather's Birth Certificate
November 08, 2017 11:58AM
Hi Nikki, in short, my answer will be yes, I can help you to obtain an official document. Your grandfather Aladar Grünberger was born 31.01.1900 in Zapsony so his birth should be in civil records.

Please check your mail for my suggestions.
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
December 04, 2017 09:55PM
I am working on the Tretinik line, Transcarpathian Rusyns. I am stuck on György Tretinik 1858- and Mária Métróka1860- Their Marriage: about 1877 in Ung, Austria-Hungary. Information states he was from Uzhgorod. They were Greek Catholic and native tounge was Rusyn, their one son Mihaly Tretinik was born Sept 3, 1878 in Uzhgorod, Hungary and he married Julianna Zeleninsky in Vokovoe, also Greek Catholic. Julianna was born in Russki Komarovce, Hungary. Her parents were John Zeleninsky and Mary Gruna (her parents were from Dubroce, Hungary).

I can go forward but not backwards I cannot find anything on Gyorge and Maria or John and Mary, it's like they dissappeared.

I have found some Tretiniks in Slovakia Church and Synagogue Books, 1592-1910 but still have over a 40yr gap.

My question is where should I look with what info I have.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Hi Maxim, I just saw your kind words about our collaboration. I can only say again that your research is meticulous and thorough, and you have an amazing knowledge of this area and its records. I highly recommend your work. My very best wishes, Dorian
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
December 11, 2017 02:23PM
Hi Cindy, I guess you are on the right path. There is no need for desperation, GC records for Ungvar exist so you can move backwards, if you want of course. At least this part of your family can be researched.

And since you ask where should you look with what info you have, my answer is source books. However, 90% of them are not filmed and not available online. Actually, this situation was explained few times only in this thread.

Please check your mail, I've sent you my suggestions.
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
December 11, 2017 02:48PM
Hi Dorian, thanks for your short feedback in general thread, our readers can enjoy extended version here:

Research in Putka Helmecz exemplary
Inquiry about Perlstein of Mukachevo. Couple named Yehoshua and Elka Perlstein. They may have had several children when taken to Auschwitz in 1944. Most of the family escaped. When my mother (sister to Yehoshua) came to America in 1941, they probably had one or two children but may have had more. We don't know what their names were and wonder if they were even registered at birth. They lived on Suggasse in Mukachevo. Is there any way to find out about this family?

Thank you for any help.

Malkie Bodenstein
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
December 20, 2017 07:34AM
Hi Malkie, thanks for making your post. Yes, there are ways to find out about Perlstein of Munkacs because Jewish and civil records are available. However, this is all I can say right now because your inquiry lacks details. I see you mention that you don't know names of kids of Yehoshua and Elka Perlstein. Well al least I would like to know their birth dates and birth dates of their parents, and other helpful information that you hopefully have.

Please check your mail, I've sent you my specifying questions.
Hello Maxim,

My sister and I are hoping to find information about our father. We believe that he was born in Uzhorod on or about June 1, 1928. His name was recorded as Jan Michael Apac. He was orphaned at a young age. We believe his father died as a result of a train accident. His mother died while giving birth to a sister who also did not survive. My father reported being raised in an orphanage. He may have resided in a foster home. My father attended a trade school from 1944 to 1948 obtaining training as a baker and cook. We believe that he lived in Prague for a time.

He immigrated to Canada at the age of 22 in 1951. He sailed from Bremerhaven, Germany on May 19, 1951 on the M.S. Nelly. Prior to that, he was in a displaced persons facility and may have been in a work camp as well.

As you can see, we have very little concrete information. We would appreciate any guidance that you can provide. Thank you in advance for your support.

Re: searching for information about our father
January 16, 2018 11:09AM
Hi Patty, we have clarified everything in emails so I post my message for our readers mostly.

You describe rather tangled situation, it looks like bigger part of information about your family is lost. The only certain point is birth of Jan Michael Apac in Uzhgorod in 1928. So it would be logical to check his birth in civil records, they are available for Uzhgorod of course.

I may offer research on a single record, it will help to obtain more information about the family.
Hi Maxim,

Very happy to have stumbled across this website.

I am looking for family birth records born in Munkacz for either a great-grandfather Michael Sheppa (this is the only name I know him by) born September 21st 1878 in Munkacz or great-grandmother Pauline Sheppa born June 4th 1886 (possibly not born in Munkacs, but in the region, still researching this) and would be interested in any guidance you would be able to provide. They emigrated to the US around 1904 where I have found a good deal of information about them, but haven't a clue where to look for time prior to the their departure.

Side question, there is a mention of Beretska, Stolicka, Slovakia in my great-grandfather's obituary. Is this a place related to Munkacs?

Will be very interested to know what you think if you thought you could help!

Kind Regards,
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
January 31, 2018 02:21PM
Hi Charles, thanks for making your post.

There are extended GC and RC vital records collections for Munkacs so at least birth of Michael Sheppa in 1878 may be found. About Pauline Sheppa, if she was born in Munkacs her birth also may be found. But it seems, you are not confident in her birth location.

This is what I can say without knowing all details. Please check your mail, I have specifying questions about these two families.

Answering your side question, I list here historical names of villages that sound similar to “Beretska”:

Bereczk, former Haromszek megye, today Bretcu, Romania.
Also and Felso Bereczki, former Zemplen megye. I haven't found its modern name but generally Zemplen megye is referenced to Slovakia.
Berecztelke or Beresztelke, former Maros Torda megye, today Breaza, Romania
Beretke, former Gomor megye, today Bretka, Slovakia.

As you see, all of them are related to Romania or Slovakia.

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