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Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?

Posted by Maxim 
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
July 23, 2017 06:31AM
Hi Abraham, we have already discussed the case in private so I write this answer mostly for our readers. Jewish records for Munkacs are available from 1850s so cases prior to this mark can't be taken to work. Also, Jewish records have been never filmed by LDS, they exist only as original source books which can be filmed by a researcher.
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
August 01, 2017 04:29AM
Hi Bernadette, yes, this is correct place but availability of church records should be specified. Collection of church books for the area is very limited but some sources for modern Uklyn of Svalyava region are available. Also, there is chance that Uklyn was recorded together with some bigger nearby village like Polyana however this has to be specified, again. And of course, post 1895 civil records are available for Uklyn.
Re: Looking for information about my grandparents
August 02, 2017 02:02AM
Hi Jayne, thanks for writing to me. Your case is understood in general but requires specification. First of all, you note that Mihaly Godovanecz was born “in or around Munkacs”. This moment matters because “around” is a number of villages and GC records available are different. In Munkacs for example, births in 1883 are available. So please specify correct location.

Then, although you you give your ancestor's surname spelling as Gjugovanecz, I'm sure it's distorted version of Godovanecz, which is common Rusyn surname in documents and presently.
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
August 02, 2017 02:08AM
Hi Michele, thank for writing to me. Well, I must say this is conundrum. Language and ethicity "Little Russian" means "Ruthenian" or "Rusyn", back at time it wasn't identical with Russian or Ukrainian. Greek Catholic faith also points to this ethnicity.

You write that his birth place is "Zubrurk" Austria. In many documents Transcarpathian locations usually were marked as Hungary, not Austria, because it was part of Hungary. Austria may mean that family originates from other side of Carpathians, from Galychyna.
Szurte relatives
September 01, 2017 09:05AM

I have already done quite a bit of ancestry research for many branches of our family, including a branch of the Hungarian side for which I have found records on Family Search in both Hungary and across the border in Slovakia. However, there is one branch of the Hungarian side from Szurte that is now in present day Ukraine. When I look through the Family Search records it seems I have never seen any records from Ung County. So, I'm wondering if these records were somehow left out of the Hungarian Church records, even though at the time it was part of Hungary? And if they have been left out, how does your service work? Do you have access to these records? I have the correct names, dates, etc., for the few people I am looking for.

Thanks for any help.
Re: Szurte relatives
September 04, 2017 03:03AM
Greetings, Frances. This is old question which has been asked by different people in different situations. It seems I have some explanations here, in this thread. Anyway, answer is following. LDS has filmed only part of church records of Bereg megye and just. They never filmed civil records, church records of other counties, Jewish records etc. So even though their films are absolutely original, this is only small part of vital records of Transcarpathia. And originals are kept in Uzhgorod, in state archives.

At the same time, original vital records also do not cover all periods for all cities and villages, availability of records is different for different locations and rites. And even official sources contain a lot of mistakes and mismatches. So in many cases availability of vital records is checked manually.

For discussing details like correct names, dates and other important personal information, please check your mail. As usual I discuss details in private.

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