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Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?

Posted by Maxim 
Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
May 14, 2013 08:47AM
So here’s conditional situation – you’ve cleared up name of ancestral village in Transcarpathia/Zakarpattya and now you’re interested what kind of information can be gotten for your ancestors.

Today all demographical information of past is kept in state archive of Transcarpathia which is located in Uzhgorod. But what is available?

This is a good question. Prior to October of 1895 all vital documentation was carried by parishes – Greek-Catholic, Catholic, Orthodox and Jewish. In 1946-1950 bigger part of their books was passed to regional registry offices and later to state archive.

Since October of 1895 vital birth, marriage and death records were carried by state notary’s offices, since 1945 these functions are served by registry offices. Today their notarial books are in Uzhgorod.

Representation of church books is dissimilar, bigger cities and villages have more, smaller or/and outer villages have less. For example, records are available starting from: 1715 – for Uzhgorod/Ungvar, 1758 – for Mukachevo/Munkacz, 1787 – for Khust/Huszt, 1888 – for Tyachiv/Tecso. In the same time, for a smaller village, records may be available from 50thies of 19th century or fragmental or absent at all. Metric records are available for all cities and villages though.

Proportion of churches is dissimilar as well, as usually Greek-Catholics have more.

OK but how could you know what is available for you? It’s quite possible although information about archival funds is not easily accessible. As preliminary stage of research I give to the point consultation about availability of records for a certain city or village. Moreover, it’s free of charge. This way my clients always know what can be done and what can’t be.

If you are curious about your own situation, you can drive me an inquiry on my email or online. Answers will be given only in private, of course.
Do you know if Munkacs parish records for the years 1826 and 1827 for Maramaros have the records for Ruszkirva (then known as Kis Kirva, another Kis Kirva was close to Neagova)from the Vissoi jaras( then was part of the Ruszpolyana, but the parish records were sepparate for each locality)?
Do Munkacs parish records have the data before 1826 for Ruszkirva and Ruszpolyana?
I am very interested about this data especialy about Ruszkirva, because Romanian based archives begin only from 1828 for Ruszkirva.Also i am interested about the years 1864, 1865, 1866, 1868, 1869 also for Ruszkirva.

Thank you very much!
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
May 29, 2013 08:55AM
Hi Mihai, you write about two different villages but I understand you mean Ruszkirva/Oroszko/Repedea from Visso jaras.

I don't think records you're looking for are on territory of Zakarpattya. I'm absolutely positive there is nothing in state archive for this village.

If these records exist they might be in a church archive, likely on territory of Romania. I don't have trustworthy information about local church archives if they exist at all. It's terra incognita.

My area of competence is only state archives of Transcarpathia.

Hi Mihai,

there is an online inventory of Transcarpathian some books are in Romania
I had little success, but I was looking for the village was mentioned in the third in the list of mixed village and did not depend on Máramaros county but bereg county.

Best regards
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
January 04, 2014 10:47AM
Hello my name is Rachel and I am interested to hire someone to help me find information on my family.
My gg-grandfather Leopold Cohn was a well known Messianic Jew. He moved his family from Berezna, Hungary to New York where he started a mission.
The only information I have on him before he came to America is from Wikipedia.

Please let me know if you can help me.

Thank you in advance.
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
January 04, 2014 01:42PM
Hi Rachel, thank you for joining our forum. Yes you have good chances of success.

There are two nearby villages, Malyi Bereznyi/Kisberezna and Velykyi Bereznyi/Nagyberezna. At dawn of century their common population was over 2 000 of people, mostly Germans, Hungarians, Rusyns and Jews.

In 1920s the synagogue in Nagyberezna was looking really fine. Here's old photo. But today this building is local culture club.

Huge collection of Jewish books for Berezna is available now in archive. I will send you email with correct years and kinds of records, on our forum this information comes from official sources.
open | download - synagogue in bereznyi.jpg (89.6 KB)
Hi Maxim
I am interested in birth, marriage etc records of Weinberger family from Poroskova late 19th century onwards.
Thanks in advance.
Hi Maxim
I am looking for birth, marriage etc information for FISCHMANN family from VYLOK from end of 19th century onwards.
Thanks in anticipation,
Would love to know what records exist in the Ungvar/Uzhgorod archives or elsewhere for Koszteva Pasztely/NagyPasztely now Kosteva Pastil for the Biedermann (or Biederman) family.

How do you conduct your research? What are your charges? I am aware a number of Biedermans listed Koszteva Paszetly as their place of birth in the birth and marriage registers for Pest-Pilis-Solt-Kis-Kun (with some slight variations in spelling of town name). A few of these Biedermans listed Ungvar as their place of birth.

Thank you.
B London
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
September 08, 2014 08:08AM
To George: Poroshkovo is referenced to Nagy Berezna synagogue, mentioned above. My suggestions and terms were sent to your email.

To BJ London: Same about Kosteva Pastil. It should be part of Nagy Berezna synagogue cluster. All your questions will be answered in private, forum is mostly for general discussion. So please check your email.

Generally, chances of success for every settled Jewish family in this area are high, Nagy Berezna synagogue's vital records cover rather big time period. But as you understand, only research can give final answer.

I am curious to know what is available at the state archives for my situation and whether I may have to go directly to the church for birth records. According to the 1877 census, This is in the Bereg megye and Munkacs bezirk. The listing states that the parish is at Munkacs, a Greek Catholic church. I had heard that Uzhgorod is difficult to deal with, but I have no experience with that. Would the state archives have birth records from 1880-1890 (Alena Balog, perhaps Charles Kozar as well), or would I be better off going to the Munkacs parish, since these records are over 100 years old? Is there a particular procedure, perhaps online, that would help me request information on this? A database to see what is available at the state level for those years?

Thanks in advance,


Joe Kussey
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
October 06, 2014 07:25AM
Hi Joe, interesting question - is it difficult to deal with Uzhgorod? It depends on who you deal with. There is circle of successful people who solved all their problems and got all answers, you can read their feedback here. Circle is much wider of course. And there are dispersed people online who are still desperate about research in Uzhgorod and can't find any solution for years. Why do people get into these different circles? This really engrosses me sometimes. I think it mostly depends on personal efficiency and ability to come on agreement.

Regarding your question, visits to parishes are useless because all GC church books of vital records were passed to state in years 1845-47, if I remember correctly. And now all church registers are in state archives in Uzhgorod. Years mentioned should be available, however I can't say anything about surname. Only research can give answer, of course.
I am trying to obtain my maternal grandfather's Baptismal ( church ) record. He was born in 1887 in village of Gorond now called Horonda in Bereg County in Ukraine . I did obtain, his " civil " Birth information through a Russian researcher ( very expensive ) and thought I would post my question to see about the church record ( I received No reply / response from the Eparchy ( Diocese ) that covers Bereg County ) ....I couldn't even get " the name " of the church. Any help / information would be greatly appreciated.....Jim
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
October 17, 2014 07:46AM
Interesting story, Jim... well, like it was mentioned above, there is no need to look records in Dioceses, bigger part of them is kept by state for dozens of years. Goronda is not exclusion, many records are available but it depends on rite, among other things.

Please check your mail, I've sent some specifying questions.
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
November 17, 2014 09:20PM
Just reading this post now from a year ago. Do you know what records are available for Zarichevo (Zarisco, Drugathaza) [Rusyn/Greek Catholic]?
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
November 18, 2014 09:42AM
Hi Diane, of course I do! No one knows more than me about vital records of Zakarpattya. smiling smiley

Please check your mail. I've also sent specifying questions.

Some interesting notes for our readers. Wooden Creek Catholic/Orthodox church was built in Zarichevo in 1751, it had 3 bells and was devoted to Birth of Our Lady. During 1765-1770 community built stone building. Iconostasis and sanctuary were curved from wood and painted in 1809. In 1949 it was given to Orthodox community and stays in their property till now. In 2011 Greek-Catholics have built new church for own needs.
Maxim, I recently found that my grandfather immigrated to the US from Uzhhorord, Zakarpattya, Ukraine. I little about the family and would like to know if you can provide some help. His father was Anthony Korba and his mother was Mary. I believe he was born in 1875. Any assistance you could provide would greatly appreciated. Someone or authority I might contact would be very helpful. Thank you for any assistance you might provide. Mike
What records exist for the village of Makkos-Janosi, Hungary which is now Yanoshi, Ukraine for the Reformed Church. Thanks for any assistance you may provide.
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
January 27, 2015 07:56AM
Michael, please check your email, I've sent my suggestions. Situation with Uzhgorod is very good because collections are extended, records start from 1715. This creates good chances almost for everyone.

Gary, please check your mail either, I have specifying questions. Some records are available but this information is shared only in private.

I am looking for GREEK CATHOLIC parish records for the city of Sacurov, Slovakia for 1800's and before.

I paid a researcher to go to Hungary archives and he found some records and took photos and sent them to me. But many of the years in the parish book were missing. I think maybe they are at Uzhhorod archive.

If the records are at the archive I will pay your fee to go for a day and get photos of these records (if that is legal).

Some of the names the town was known for back then are,

1402 Zachywr, Zachur

1407 Zathur

1410 Zachur, Sachur

1773 Szacsurow

1808 Sacurow, Szacsur, sacurovsky, Sacurovkan

The old County (Zupa) was ZEMPLEN

The old district (okres) was VRANOV NAD TOPLOU

I wish I had seen your post a year ago. I hope you are still providing this service.

Heather Clegg


Please reply to my email
S Kessler
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
March 02, 2015 08:43PM
Hi all:

Our family are doing research to our roots of our grandparents which grew up in Ungvar Ukraine, and were later deported at WWII to Auschwitz, is there anyone to contact and give you my grandfather’s name & date he was born to see if there is any records from him – where he lived/grew up etc. ?

We truly appreciated any guidance in this matter.
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
March 04, 2015 05:52AM
Hi Shulem, I may say every research on settled Jewish family in Ungvar would have good chances of success, but of course every situation requires special consideration and analysis.

Please check you mail, I've sent you my suggestions.
My family was from Stavne in what is now the Ukraine. My grandfather David Kessler had 5 brothers and two sisters. David Kessler and his wife Malka and two ofmthere sons also died in Auschwitz. I woulf love to talk more about your family to see if we could be related. Please email me if you are interested.
I had someone do research for me on the civil records post 1895. I want to go back further. At one time I had a link to the Muchachevo church records pre 1895 but can't seem to find it now. Do you know it? I am researching the village of Lyuta and Viska. I am also interested in knowing how to look up current names and addresses of people in the area. I have lost track of some relatives. It would be great to have an English speaking contact in the village of Lyuta. Any help would be great.
I have been working on finding the birthplace and family of my grandfather who was orphaned as a child in WW2. The search has taken us from Austria to the Czech republic. Following his orphan records to Czech we eventually found a police record that gave his and his brothers birthrates and Parents marriage date in Berehove and Chornyi Potik, czekoslavakia/ukraine. While we are certain the records are theirs we would like to confirm the birth/marriage date and place with a more Primary source in the archives in Ukraine. All death records are confirmed already as being in the Czech republic. We are unsure of the religious denomination, as his father had previously been married and divorced while a RC. Is this something you could help me with? Kind Regards.
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
June 10, 2015 08:54AM
Hi Joe, of course, I can check but I will need dates, not only locations. Please check your mail, I have some specifying questions to you.
Hello! What Jewish records exist for Mukachevo?
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
June 15, 2015 10:29AM
Hi Alec, a lot, please check your mail.

I am trying to find out where my grandfather came from in Hungary. He refused to say where in Hungary he was born, through my mom's entire life and when I would ask him as well. He mentioned the Carpathian Mountains, but that is all he would say. Neither of us could ever get him to say more than that. Even the names of his parents would change from time to time. Hungarian was his first language, however.

His surname was Kistulinec, which he Americanized to Kestley; he renamed himself Charles in English, and preferred to sign his name as Chas. Kestley. He was born in October, 1896 and emigrated through NYC about 1915. He moved around the US a bit, and finally settled in Chicago, where he met and married my grandmother (who was Slovak). My mom remembers my grandmother saying -- just one time -- that my grandfather was from Ukraine. I interpret this to mean that his birthplace had become part of Ukraine after the boundaries were redrawn. He always maintained that he was Hungarian.

I decided to try to find him first in the immigration records, but I don't think I have him for certain yet.I have found a Mihaily and an Andry who are about the right age, but ....

As I searched through the passenger lists both in Germany and NYC, I have found many with that last name or variations on the spelling. They all said they were born in Bereg-Silvas or B.Silvas. I can't find Silvas, but I am assuming that this refers to the old administrative area of Bereg in Hungary before 1918. Does this sound possible?

I've also looked through many lists of surnames, but never find Kistulinec/Kistulinecz/Kestulinic on any of them. However, I know this is a real surname, because my mom met someone once who had the same name and I've since found records around the US for others with that surname.

From the research I've done, I think the Transcarpathia area is likeliest as his birthplace, but since I can't find any references to his surname on the various genealogy sites for this area, I don't know what to try next. I would really like to figure out where my grandfather came from and piece together some of his story. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Thank you very much,
Corinne Cast McCorkle
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
June 18, 2015 11:29AM
Hi Corinne, you did an impressive preliminary job! And you are definitely on the right path.

Bereg-Silvas is Beregszilvas, or Kuzmina, modern Kuz'mino which belongs to Kal'nyk. Accordingly to surname Kishtulinets/Kushtulinets, your ancestors were Greek-Catholics so this makes situation very good.

I have some specifying questions and suggestions, please check your mail.

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