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Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?

Posted by Maxim 
Thank you, Maxim! I have sent you an email with detailed information.

I am trying to get information on my great-grandparents, and their parents. My first question is, do you know the name of the church in the village of Ivanyi, Ukraine - Carpathian Mts. - Bereg Co? This is the village that my grandparents were from. My grandmother Mary/Marie Lengyel was born in this village on January 7, 1891. Fathers name: Metro Lengyel - mothers name: Mary/Marie (unknown).She came to America and went to Conn.from there she went to Monongahela, PA where she met my grandfather. She had one natural brother: Simon (Sam) Lengyel.

My grandfather name: In America he was known as Charles Matus (Mattus). He was born in Ivayni on January 13 or 14, 1888. He had several first names - (Charles, Lazarus, Vasil, Vasily) I am not sure what is real first name was. His father was Charles Matus (Mattus) Sr., and his mother was Mary/Marie Muha (Mouha). He had one natural brother, that also came to America, and died during the Flu epidemic of 1918 - 1919 his name was John Matus (Mattus)
Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Jacky Basl - jwetzel0306@outlook.com
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
June 24, 2015 10:44AM
Of course, Jacky, I know the church of Ivanyi or modern Ivanivtsi, Mukachevo region. Please see photo in attachment. This is Greek-Catholic Church of St. Dmitry, and modern stone variant was built in 1878. However, old wooden GC church is first mentioned yet in 1733.

Situation for research is uniquely good. Please check your mail.
open | download - Ivanivtsi church.jpg (48.2 KB)
Hello Maxim,

We are trying to find evidence of Birth certificate or any other evidence of my mother in law. Although to my great sorrow she died, we have some info that she was born in Nizhny Apsha on April 22nd 1928 and the family lived in a remote settlement named Behutz.

Would you mind if I shall send you the name or what is the best way to find her birth certificate ?

Many thanks in advance,

Israel rozen
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
July 14, 2015 10:27AM
Hi Israel, it's quite possible but in case with Nizhnya Apsha, I will need to specify belonging of civil records. Please check your mail.
Hi Maxim, my father and his family were fr ungvar,my father was samuel (shmuel zev) weinberger born 1930 to joseph moshe weinberger. would like to find whole family tree , they lived right across from the railway station.he had a sister Rosie. please email me about how to go about this with you
Hello. First of all I want to say thank you for all the information you are sharing with everyone. It's very useful and much appreciated.

I'm interested in learning about Zarichevo and any records available from around 1850-1900, and earlier.

I'm searching for ancestors with surnames Fedeles, Gonda, Kelemanik or Pekar. I only know some basic details and would love some advice on how to get more info and perhaps trace my family back a few more generations.

And if you know anything about records for the village of Kryte (formerly Fedelesfalva) please let me know.

Thank you in advance
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
August 19, 2015 07:25AM
Hi Anna, situation is favorable but I will need more information from you. Please check your mail.
i am researching my grandparents:

I found naturalization papers on my great grandfather John Kovtun / Ivan Kultan, born June 25, 1884/5 in Latorka or Latorca (sp?),Hungary or Czechoslovakia. His previous wife and child died from typhoid in the old country. His petition for citizenship says he arrived Sept 5th 1913, and he renounced his allegiance from the Czechoslovak Republic. Mom said he or his dad was the blacksmith of the town.

My grandmother was Barabra Tirpak, born August 26, 1890 in Sztanovo, Czechoslaviakia or Hungary at the time.

Any help would to where to look would be appreciated. They were both catholic.
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
August 31, 2015 05:39AM
Hi Charlyne, we have clarified this in email correspondence already. Latorka is village in modern Volovets region, Stanovo in modern Mukachevo region. However, all available records are GC, Roman Catholic records for these villages are absent.
Hi Maxim,
I am helping a friend to find out about her grand grandparents that lived in Ungvár before 1910.
Their names to Karoly Járos born in 1865 in Maramarossziget and Paula Kaminszky born in 1868.
Both were Roman Catholics, Her grandmother Stefania Járos was born in 1900 in Ungvár.
After the death of Karoly Járos, probably he fell of the roof they emigrated to US.
Would you be able to advise where to find information of Karoly and Paula marriage (church books, census) and newspapers from Ungvár from 1910 (hopping to find some information regarding his death).
Many thanks
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
August 31, 2015 06:06AM
Hi Yolanda, I suppose information about marriage can be in civil records. Death in 1910 also can be there. I have few questions, please check your mail.
Hi Maxim,

i am looking for Greek Catholic parish records for Beregszasz around 1870.
Please let me know if you can help,

Thank you
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
January 18, 2016 11:11AM
Hi Joe, answer is yes, records are available and yes, I can help. Please check your mail.
Hello, I was so happy to find this page. I am looking for information on the Gajdel family that lived in Tecso. Specifically I am looking for the birth information of Marton (Mordicai) Gajdel who was born in Tecso 14 Sep 1895. I was told he had a twin sister and I am looking for information on his twin sister and the names of his parents. I am not sure that Gajdel is the correct spelling. I have also been told that Marton's father married three times. His other children were Hanna b 1894, Moric, Moshe, Hershel and Leibe.

Any assistance you could give as to how and where I could access birth, marriage and death records for Tecso for 1890-1900 would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for your posting and willingness to help.

Toronto, Canada
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
February 29, 2016 11:18AM
Hi Alice, thanks, first of all, you don't have to access these records personally, I can do it for you. No need to travel across the ocean, hire translators, pay for hotels and living, deal with bureaucrats etc. If records are available, they may be checked for you, and this is the most beneficial.

As I understand, family was Jewish. In case with Tecso, there are some limitations, but I still see the way to obtain big part of information. Please check your mail.
Hi Maxim,

I would like to know if you find information about my grand-parents. My grand-father's name was either Janos Kuszka or Janos Simon born around 1878 in Bergszaz,Hungary.My father (Frank Kuska DOB 1912-11-10 born in Poughkeepsie,NY) told me he was Greek Orthodox ??? (maybe Greek Catholic?? maybe even Jewish?).

He married Mary Holub from Uzhgorod in Hungary who was younger but I have no date of birth.She was Roman Catholic.Possibily her mother's name was Schwartz or Schreiber??

They came over to America around 1911.

The other children's names were Anna born in 1901 and John (DOB??).That's all I know.

Can you solve this mystery??

Thank you for all your trouble,

Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
March 19, 2016 08:42AM
Hi Renee, so we have cleared everything up in emails and this post is for our readers. Your family likely was GC, I don't think they were Orthodoxes or Jews. And actually, there were not Orthodox community or church in Beregszasz. It was city of Germans, Hungarians and Jews, with small population of Rusyns, so its inhabitants were mostly Roman Catholics, Reformats, Greek-Catholics and Jews.

Taking into account your information, available GC records for Beregszasz and RC records for Uzhgorod put some limitations, but on the other hand, essential information still can be gotten. All details were already discussed in private correspondence.
Hi there

I am trying to track down the birth certificate of my wife's grandfather.

His last name was Engelman or Engelmann, first name Jan or Jann, and middle name Yaakov (His first name became John when he came to Australia).

He was likely born in the town of Dusyno (Dusina? Dusyna?) which I believe is about 40 kilometres east of Mukacheve. His birth year is unclear - its between 1923 and 1929.

I know his father's name was Yekutiel Yehuda Engelman (born 1890 in Dusina, died 1944 Auschwitz) and his mother's name was Sima Engelman (maiden name of Kahan), who died about 2 years after my wife's grandfather was born.

Do you think you'd be able to help me?

Kind regards,
My Grandmother Mary Elizabeth Bodak (Find a Grave # 71192452) was born in Teglas, Ung in 1883. According to her baptismal record (Keresztlevel), her parents were Istvan Bodak (Rom. Kath.) and Maria Huszthy (Helv. Hitv?). I have had some contact with relatives who still live in the region (some near Teglas and others in the surrounding areas), but the information they had on earlier generations was very limited. Apparently Maria Huszthy died around 1890 and Istvan remarried to a Julia Balazs. After Istvan died about 1902, Mary and her sister Johanna came to the United States to join their brother Janos, who had come over in 1896. Their oldest brother Mihaly was not allowed to immigrate because he had a crippled hand. The relatives I corresponded with were all his descendants.

I am interested in what records might be available concerning the birth and death of Istvan Bodak & Maria Huszthy. I have been told that Istvan's parents were Mihaly Bodak and Maria Timar, but I know nothing about the parents of Maria Huszthy. I would also love to locate records concerning the earlier generations.

Thank you, and have a wonderful day! :-)
Hi Maxim!

I'm trying to research my family tree, in particular, I'm trying to find out where my grandfather was from. Unfortunately, he died in 1949, which is the same year that my father was born, so not much is known about where he came from. Even my father's older siblings said that my grandfather never really mentioned where he was from.

My grandfather's name is George Pilecki, which was Americanized to "Pilesky" when he came to this country. The few documents that I was able to find, simply list his birthplace as Austria-Hungary. Even his birthdate changes depending on the document and is somewhere between April 25, 1892-1895.

I was able to find his immigration records. He arrived in New York after setting sail from Hamburg, Germany in 1910. His race was listed as Magyar, his nationality is Hungarian, and his last known residence is Tibar, Hungary. (I haven't found too much information about this place) He also lists his father as Tivador Pilecki.

However, on his WWI draft card, he lists his birthplace as Ung Megye, Austria-Hungary.

Do you have any advice on how I would go about finding more information about my grandfather? In particular, I would love to find his birth certificate or the origin of his parents (my great grandparents).

Thanks in advance for your response!

- Billy Pilesky
To family 'Kessler',

Did you family have a daughter named 'Margita'? If so, I have been to your family's house, in Dravetz, just outside Ungvar, on the way to Minktach in 2013. They ran an Inn at the front of the bulding. Feel free to contact me if you want photos or footage, I hope this helps. I also know a very good guide for the area if English or Hebrew is your first language.
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
June 16, 2016 08:37AM
Hi Jeremy, so your case was clarified and reviewed in private and final answer was gotten. For our readers, Dusyno belonged to Svalyava synagogue and Jewish records are available, same as civil records. Which allowed you to get the data you already have.
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
June 16, 2016 08:50AM
Hi Bob, I suppose, Teglas is modern Tyiglash, north from Chop. First of all, what is origin of baptismal record fo Elizabeth Bodak (1883)? It seems, no RC records for this year. I would like to see a copy.

All events that happened after 1895, likely will be found because they had been registered in civil records. Istvan's death, for example, (1902) should be there.

However, situation with earlier church books for Teglas is difficult and requires specification. For example, "Helv. Hitv" for Maria Huszty can be only Helvetic confession. It's seen very rarely in civil records.

This way, no records for Maria Huszty line either, because records for this confession are absent at all, they are separated from Reformats.
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
June 16, 2016 08:52AM
Hi Billy, this is really mysterious case and I'm not sure I can help and any actions make sense at all.

Ung Megye consisted of big number of cities and villages, including few in modern Slovakia. Without exact information on location, research is just impossible.

Unfortunately, I can't give any advice on how to establish this location. Obviously, it's a matter of family story and immigration documents but if this information is lost, hardly a researcher can help you.

I am trying to find records for my grandfather Peter Eory. He was born in Korlat-Helmec, Hungary. He was born on 29 June 1885. His parents were Istvan Eori and Zsuzsanna Takacs. I am looking for information on the family. I was told that the records for Kenderes may also be located there. My grandmother was born in Kenderes, Hungary on 16 Aug 1892, Her parents were Sebastian Pfister and Anna Pfifer. Please let me know if the records are available. I was also told that they might have been destroyed during the war. If they are available, I would be happy to pay someone who would be willing to research them. Thank you, Peggy
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
July 27, 2016 07:18AM
Hi Peggy, thanks for making a post. But situation probably not very good. For Korlat-Helmec, available GC records don't allow finding birth record of Peter Eory (1885), however, there can be records about his parents, their marriage and birth. It depends on their age and rite, if they were RC, church records are not available. Actually, I need more information for prognosis.

About Kenderes, I don't think its records are here, they should be in Hungary, in local archives so it makes sense to hire Hungarian researcher to check it.

Please check your email, I will send specifying questions and my suggestions.

I think I have connections to possible relations to your grandfather. Their name is Kistulinetz and family came from Kuzmina and Kalnyk. They live in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
If you would like to converse through email to get more information, my email is chriseblack69@yahoo.com.

Maxim: Can you tell me if Stavne (Sztavna, Stavnoye, Fenyvesvolgy) or Domashyn (Domasina) metrical books are at Uzhorod?

I have family from Stavne, too. Surnames: Lupusanek and Jurosyko. Also, from nearby village of Domashyn, surnames of Mihalko and Przyslubski.


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