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Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?

Posted by Maxim 
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
August 15, 2016 10:14AM
Patty: definitely yes. All available church and civil records are in Uzhgorod, including Stavne and Domashyn. But I would say GC records for these villages are rather limited and availability depends on time frame.
Hi Maxim,
I'm looking for more information on Jan Biszaha, his father Vasil Biszaha and his mother Anna Orbanova. I have Jan's birth certificate issued by the State Registration Office in Lalova, Region Town of Mukacevo; SubCarpatian Russa in 1934. (Jan was born Aug 20, 1975) His father, Vasil was born in Stanovo and employed in agriculture. His mother, Anna was born in Pistrjalovo. This information was provided by Vasil on March 9, 1889. US naturalization records indicate that Jan was born Sept 25, 1881 in Stanfalva (sp?), Austria Hungary. I am not sure where the records are or where to look. Do you know where I should look for Anna?
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
August 23, 2016 09:33AM
Hi Carole, thanks for making your post. You obviosly mean villages Lalovo and Stanovo of modern Mukachevo region, records for them are available, they are here in Uzhgorod, access can be granted through my service.

However, your case is not completely clear to me. You write "Jan was born Aug 20, 1975" in Lalovo accordingly to certificate, year is not correct I guess. Then you write "Jan was born Sept 25, 1881" in Stanovo accordingly to US naturalization records. This creates contradiction although in my opinion certificate is correct because its source is original book of births.

It would be even better if you sent copy of certificate and naturalization record to me. Please check your mail, I have few specifying questions.
Hello Maxim,
I hope you may be able to help me. My husband's ancestors are from Putka Helmec/Korlat Helmec, formerly Hungary, now Ukraine. The surnames I am looking for are Tulipan, Grunwald, Friedman and Gross (maybe spelled Grosz?). His great grandfather was Ignatz Tulipan, born around 1860 I think (his parents were Baruch Hirsch Tulipan/Tulibaum and Marlie Friedman). His great grandmother was Hani Grunwald, daughter of Jacob Grunwald and Ida Gross.

The family came to New York in the 1890s. Children of Ignatz and Hani are Gussie, Marlie, Martin (Max), Fanny and Rosie.

Thank you for any help you can give me!
Best wishes,
Dorian Greenbaum
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
September 18, 2016 01:35AM
Hello Maxim,

I'm trying to research a Jewish family with a common name from Munkacs - the Mendlowitz family. From my research in America, I've determined some precise dates of birth for family members. As I'm not in Uzhgorod, and the Archives doesn't seem to answer email inquiries - at least not my inquiries, is there any way to obtain records and additional ancestor information without traveling to Uzhgorod?

For example, I know that an Esther Mendlowitz was born in Munkacs on March 3rd, 1905 to Samuel Hirsch Mendlowitz (born abt 1873 in Munkacs) and Shirley(probably her Americanized name) Kirshenbaum (also born in Munkacs abt 1873).

I would like to find birth records for all 3 people, birth/marriage/death records for Samuel and Shirley, and birth/death/marriage records Samuel's parents who I think are named Elias and Miriam.

Can you please advise what is my best route for finding more information?

Thank you in advance.
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
November 14, 2016 10:58AM
Hello Dorian, thanks for posting. This message was replied in private on September 22, and research was already made. So my reply online is published mostly for our readers.

Yes, Jewish records for Korlat/Putka Helmecz are available, although limited, as part of Szerednye rabbinate records. I can't say now "it creates good chances of success" because I and Dorian already know what was found in these Jewish records. For our readers, I may say that marriage record of Tulibaum Iczchok and Grunvald Chane was found, same as births of their 9 kids, same as death of one of gparents. This is all I can reveal publicly.

I only can thank you, Dorian, for our cooperation.
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
November 14, 2016 11:14AM
Hi Catherine, thank you for posting and seeking my help.

To our readers:

This is one of messages published post factum which may happen at this forum. Sometimes I keep all conversation and working line in private until results will be achieved and case will be solved completely.

Research on this family was already made, our visitors can read extended feedback here:

Maxim's research was professional and complete
Szerednye, Hungary
January 08, 2017 05:44PM
Hello Maxim,

I am trying to find information about my paternal grandmother's family who lived in Szerednye (HU)/Seredne (CZ)/Sredneye (RU). Her last name was Weinberger. I have some information about the family structure and the siblings who emigrated to the US between 1910-1920, but not much of those who remained.

Can you please let me know your services and fees?

Thank you in advance,
Re: Szerednye, Hungary
January 10, 2017 07:23AM
Hi Marian, thanks for posting. There is good collection of Jewish books for Szerednye, civil records are available either. So basis is good, and I have to have more detailed information about your paternal grandmother's family to discuss details like services and fees.

Please check your mail. I have some specifying questions to you.
Maxim, I have been trying to research my paternal grandparents on LDS without success. On USA immigration papers, Georgius Kozub and his wife, Gyorgyne (Anna) Babics (Babbich) Kozub show MagyarKomjat (Veliki Komjata) as their last place of residence. They were married on 11/28/1897 in Magyar Komjat at St. Michael Archangel GC Church.

Georgius Kozub was born on or around 5/6/1873 and was Greek Catholic. City of birth not known. He served in the military and had a serial number tattooed on his wrist. Family rumor said that his parents may have died and he may have been adopted and that his middle name was "Simon". On his 1945 Pennsylvania death certificate, his parents' names are listed as: Sam Kozub and Helen Kozub.

Georgius emigrated to New York through Breman in July 1903 on the Grosser Kurfurst (listed on immigration papers but record not found at Ellis Island website).

Gyorgyne (Anna) Babics (Babbich was born on 11/15/1882. I found on LDS a GC baptism for Anna that shows the city as Also Jablonka and her parents were Stephanus Markara Babics (1844) and Tacianna Petrik Mikita (1849).

Gyorgyne emigrated to New York through Trieste in 9/9/1906 on the Francesca. She had 2 children with her: Jurko (1903) and Maris (1904), both born in MagyarKomjat.

I would appreciate and thank you for any suggestions you may have.
John Kozub
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
January 18, 2017 10:58AM
Hi John, thanks for making your post. As far as I understand, Georgius Kozub’s (1873) birth place is unknown. And Anna Babics (1882) was born in Also Jablonka which is Vyšná Jablonka in Slovakia. Accordingly, original documents are in Slovakian archives, and I work only with Uzhgorod vital records.

Confident points here are their marriage in 1897 in Magyar Komjat, and births of kids, Jurko (1903) and Maris (1904). This is exactly where I can help you because these events should be registered in civil records which start from 1895 and include all rites. Civil records were not filmed by LDS.

Please check your mail, I've sent my suggestions and additional comments.
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
January 18, 2017 08:48PM

I am looking for any assistance to locate my grandmother and her family records. I have exhausted most other places like familysearch.org, ancestry.com and even some smaller places through cindis list. Came up totally empty. No hits at all for her name.
I am told that her family name is not common and the only reference I have found on her is her name and parent and place of birth from her marriage certificate in Budapest.

Her surname is Bindász. First name Aranka. Born March 31st 1915 in Nagy Berezna. Her father was Mihály , mother Dobé, Juliánna. I do not know if their were more children in her family.
I have no idea how to speak or read Ukrainian so this making record searching quite difficult.

Thank you so much in advance, she is / has been a missing puzzle piece now from my family tree.
I know the names of the people I am looking for death and marriage records in the town of Mukachevo can start in the late 1700's or into the early 1800's. Can you help me find?
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
January 31, 2017 08:09AM
Hi Rosza, thanks for making this post. First of all, even though LDS database records are absolutely authentic, they do not cover all Transcarpathia. They have filmed only part of church records of old Bereg county. Original vital records are stored in Uzhgorod.

Then, it’s very good you know name of your grandmother, her birth date and birth place. Since birth year is 1915, obviously that her birth may be found in civil records for Nagy Berezna.

Please check your email, I will send you my suggestions and specifying questions.
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
January 31, 2017 08:20AM
To Pearl: unfortunately, Jewish vital records for this time frame, 1700's - early 1800's, do not exist. It's not even situation when they were kept but lost. Recording of Jewish parish population in Munkacs has been started only in second half of 19th century.

I am trying to trace my grandmother's lineage. I have her birthday in 1922 and her location in Uglya, Czechoslovakia. I'm assuming its in the Tecso district of Northern Maramuresh. My understanding is that it can be found in the Uzhgorod archives. I live in the United States and can't make it out there. How would I go about tracing her birth records?

Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
February 15, 2017 08:18AM
Hi Shmuel, thanks for making your post. Anyhow, your grandmother's birth record may be found, your understanding is correct. It should be in civil birth records for Uglya, they are available and research can be made.

You are also right about location of Uglya, at times of Austria-Hungary Uglya was in Tesco district of Maramaros county.

Please check your mail, I've sent specifying questions.

Turya Remeti
March 28, 2017 08:14PM
Hello there! My grandmother was Mary Karoly (spelled many different ways in records) and she was born in Turya Remeti July 1883 and emigrated to USA. I think her mother was Anna Varcich/Jacig (?) and I believe her father was George, possibly George Peter. Is there any chance of finding her birth records? My grandfather, who went by Wasyl Beskid, is another story entirely. I do know he was Rusyn and that he was born in 1875 in Hungary, but that's about all I know. He may have gone by the first name Laszlo and was married when he was in Eastern Europe; I believe he was widowed and perhaps had a child who died as well. My sister has been researching for years and she's stumped, as well.

Where do I go from here?

Thanks SO much for any help you can offer!
Thanks so much for all for of the great info Maxim! I was thinking about visiting Ukraine this summer, and possibly doing some research in person. I want to see if I can add to my family tree. Also I have made friends with many Opaleniks on Facebook, but we do not know how we exactly we are all related. My family comes from Ókemence (present day Kam'yanytsya)? My grandfather was John (Johannes?) Opalenik born 9/15/1899. As legend has it him and his two of his brothers Michael and Steven were merchant marines who jumped ship in New London, Connecticut. They had another brother named Peter, and the sisters were Anna and Marie. My great grandfather was Charles Opalenik (born 1870) and great grandmother Mary Vovchik. My grandmother was Mary Kory (born in the US) and great grandparents from the old country were John Kory (born 1875) and Anna Mervochak (born 1880). This info comes from one of my cousins.
Re: Turya Remeti
April 04, 2017 11:05AM
Hi Terri, thanks for making this post. First of all, yes, your grandmother's birth record may be found. Turja Remety GC records create good base for even deeper research.

You have mentioned Mary Karoly's father Gyorgy Karoly and mother Anna Varchich. I would like to have more information about this family.

Please check your mail, I have specifying questions to you.
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
April 04, 2017 11:09AM
Hi Nicholas, thanks for writing to me. In fact, if you decide to use my service, there is no need for travels, my researches are dozen time cheaper and definitely faster. Unless you have different reasons, of course.

Here, on my forum I have article about "namesakes vs relatives" problem, my own rule is that a namesake should be treated exactly as a namesake until kinship will be proved undoubtedly.

About Kamjanytsja, perspectives of research are rather modest but situation is not hopeless. I would like to know more details. Please check your mail, I have specifying questions.
I would like to find out the birth dates of the children of Jozsef and Betti Steinbach who were born in Munkacs. I have Hermine's - she was born 24th July 1910 and I have Pal's - he was born 26th September 1902. But there were probably 4 other children: Ferencz, Tibor, Shani and Roszi (who later married Lajos Lang). These were all Jewish.
Where are such records held and can you help obtain the data (I don't need the records - just the dates)
Re: Turya Remeti
May 23, 2017 08:27PM
I just wanted to know about your Mary Karoly. Where did she immigrate to? What were the other spellings of her last name. Reason I am asking is my grandfather, John Koroly(Karoly) emigrated to Pennsylvania. His father was Peter Koroly and his mother was Agafia Magdinecz. The only information I have is on his marriage record stating he was from Ungvar but no further records of him from there.
Hello Maxim,

My great grandfather Jozsef Vigh(Vig) b.Nov 8, 1879 and great grandmother Eszter Kis(Kish) b1872? came from Galocs and Komorocz. I think Galocs is now Haloch and Komorocz is Palagy Komorocz.

I am interested in birth records and census records?

Ultimately I would like to find out my 2nd and 3rd great grandparents so early 1800's.
and records for siblings.

Thank you,
Jeff Ostroski
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
June 01, 2017 02:16PM
To David: this is note for our readers because I believe you don't have questions anymore. Research on mentioned records was already made and all of them were found.

However, answering your question publicly, records are held in Uzhgorod and yes, I can help to obtain. You know this already, actually.
I'm looking for information about my grandfather, born Michael Gjugovanecz (not sure of spelling) in or around Munkacs, Hungary August 1883. He attended the monastary around 1910-1912 and left for the USA in 1912. I was raised Greek Catholic so I'm sure that he was too.

If his birth certificate is found, I would also like information about his parents, grandparents, etc as far back as you can find. I believe his parents' names were George and Barbara.

He married Anna Kuznyir (again not sure of spelling) in 1912 and all I know about her is that she was born in 1893 in the same area. I would appreciate anything you can find about her and her ancestors as well.

His name stayed intact through Ellis Island upon arrival in America, yet his oldest daughters had their family name legally changed in the 1920's. Family lore is that there was a famous Hungarian soldier named Dugovich or something similar (I've also seen Dukhovic) and they chose to honor him by taking his name. I would also like to have any information on him if possible.

Thank you!
Hello Maxim

Reading the existing posts has been very helpful.

I do not know whether I am on the right track but I am looking for information on my grandfather. I was able to find him in the 1920 census but nothing earlier and I really want to identify the village he was from and his other family members.

When he passed away in 1968 he was using the name Alfred Keklak. The earliest records show him as Asafat Keslock or Asafa Keklack.
He lived in Pennsylvania until he moved to N.C. where he was a member of the Sts. Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church in St. Helena.

On the census document his language was shown as "Little Russian". I do remember that he and my grandmother did speak to each other in a Russian dialect.

The only birthplace I have found is "Zubrurk" Austria but the script is difficult to read. I believe that my grandmother was from Nowy Sacz but they met in the US sometime after 1907.

His birth year on documents ranges from 1887-1892! There are quite a few "Keklaks" in PA but I cannot find any close relatives.

Does this sound like something you might be able to assist with?

Many thanks
Re: Uzhgorod archives. What to expect?
June 29, 2017 09:57AM
To Jeff: Komorocz actually is name for both Palagy Komorocz and Orosz Komorocz but if one of your ggparents originated from Haloch, Palagy Komorocz is more probable.

We have already specified details so this is note for our readers. If your ancestors were Greek Catholics there is chance to find their birth records, however GC records are limited and other points may be questionable.
I am often asked about Jewish records from Mukacevo (Munkacs). I would love to know which years record books are now in Uzhgorod. Have any of these records been made available online through familysearch (LDS)
You are a wonderful source of information, and I appreciate how generous you are with your expertise.
My grandfather Vasyl Terniak, was born in 1894 in Uklyn, Bereg, Hungary, which is now in Ukraine. He was Greek Catholic. Would Uzhgorod be the correct place to search for any records pertaining to that area?

Thank you.

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