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Hungarian names of Zakarpattya villages.

Posted by Maxim 
Dear Maxim,

I just recently returned from a trip into Slovakia searching for records of my paternal Grandfather and his ancestors thought to have lived in Tovisfalva. My adventures took me into Trnovec Slovakia and while searching the records in the area we found NO trace of him or his parents. A local historian did mention to look into Bereg Hungary as a possible alternative, as there was another village of Tovis.I found it on an old Bereg ethnic map! Today Tövisfalva / Újtövisfalva is currently known as Drachyno, Ukraine. Where and whom would be the best to reach out to for assistance in records for this area?

Thanks for the conversion on your previous blog! What a smile it brought to my face to find it.

John Schuzer
Wheaton, IL, USA
Re: Hungarian names of Zakarpattya villages.
March 10, 2017 07:23AM
Hi John, I'm curios what you mean, saying "conversation in my previous blog". I hope you will remind me.

About Drachyno, it may be complicated. Availability of records requires specification but if they exist, they are in Uzhgorod, and I'm the best person to reach out for assistance in records. )

But right now I would like to get more information about your case. Please check your mail for my questions.
Hello Maxim,

I am trying to find out information on my Grandparents and Great Grand Parents. The little information that I do have, tells me that they were from the village of Oroszkomorócz in the county of Ung, the Uzhgorod District in Austria Hungary, If I understand correctly, today this is known as Rus’ki Komarivts in Zakarpatska Oblast, Western Ukraine. My Grandfather’s name was Andras Kacsur and he was born on September 24, 1878. His father’s name was Gyorgy Kacsur and his mother’s name was Anna Bureh (not positive of the spelling on her last name).

I understand that he had at least 3 brothers, Gyorgy Kacsur who lived in Europe, Peter Dikun and George Dikun (different last names) who immigrated to the United States. I do know if her had any sisters.

I recently learned that my Grandmother also came from the very same village of Oroszkomorócz. My information on her is not good at all, but I do know that her maiden name was either Bertha Zeleninsky or Bertha Galemsky. She was probably born on March 14, 1884 and came to the United Stated before April of 1906. I know that she had at least one Sister named Anna. I have no knowledge at all about her parents names or if she has any other brothers or sisters.

Any information that you can provide or if you can direct me to the right places to continue my search, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!!

Sincerely yours,

Bob K
Re: Hungarian names of Zakarpattya villages.
August 19, 2017 11:23AM
Hi Bob, thanks for writing to me. Yes, Hungarian name for Rus’ki Komarivtsi is Oroszkomorócz or Komorocz. This village has appeared in 15th century and it never been too populated.

Unfortunately, perspectives of possible research are rather modest. GC records for this village exist but they don't cover much so births of your grandfather (1878) and grandmother (1884) are in the gap of records. Nevertheless, existing church records may contain useful information.

Please check your mail, I've sent my suggestions.

My Great-grandfather, whose name was Ignatz Bilitzer, was born in Horjany, in March 11 1904, or in March 14 1904.

We have already spoken to someone from Uzhgorod who tried to search Ignatz's birth certificate for us and claimed that the birth records from this indicated village, Horjany, do not exist in the archives of Uzhgorod.

Do you have any idea that can help us reach my father's grandpa's birth records?

Appreciate any help,
Yarin .
Re: Hungarian names of Zakarpattya villages.
September 04, 2017 08:40AM
Hi Yarin, thanks for making your post. Well, records are literally land of wonders. Theoretically, civil records for Horjany should be in archive but I'm not ready to say right now if it is so. Situation requires manual check.

Please check you mail, I have my suggestion for this situation.

I'm tracking down a lead that may lead to my family. The woman came through Ellis Island, and stated her name was Maria Morgyak from the village of Fasyalos Hungary, and was Ruthinian. I found one possible suggestion that the village was in the mountains north of Mukachevo, and may have been the area now know as Medvedivtsi.

Is there anyway I can find out if that suggestion is legitimate? I cannot seem to find anything else with the name Fasyalos Hungary.

.... and I'm guessing the records for this area are in Uzhhorod?
Amazing thing that "Find on this page" feature in windows. Found it! Thank you for this resource list of villages.
Re: Records from Zakarpattya Villages
October 06, 2017 09:51PM
My grandmother Roza Zicherman was an owner of a bar in Beregszasz between1935-1942. But because she spoke out against the government at that time she was jailed for 1 month in Debrecen it was in the paper I am told. Where in the Archives can I find this information.

I know that my great grandfather was from Ung, and left around 1900 to the US. However, his name was Janos Gabor..how to find information in modern day Ukraine about this? Thanks!
Re: Records from Zakarpattya Villages
October 12, 2017 09:02AM
Hi Eva, this is interesting case but not in my competence. I work with vital records and help people to search for ancestors who were settled inhabitants. In your situation, Roza Zicherman was jailed and very likely doomed in Debrecen, I guess this was place of trial court. And so logically, documents, if the exist of course, should be in Hungarian archives.
Re: Hungarian names of Zakarpattya villages.
October 12, 2017 09:11AM
Hi Elysia, in fact we were discussing your case previously, I'm a little bit tied in what I can write publicly because details of the case were provided and this is personal information. I believe I've explained situation with availability of records and unfortunately, nothing has changed from time of our first correspondence.
Bob, please contact me.
Re: Hungarian names of Zakarpattya villages.
February 01, 2018 03:44PM
Hi Maxim. I've run into a stone wall researching my paternal grandparents, who are from Transcarpathia.

My grandmother, Martha Miski, was born Aug 1894 to George & Sophie in Nagy Komjat. Sophie's maiden name may have been Behar but that is a guess.

My grandfather, George Malyar, was born in either November or March 1888 in Nagycsongova to Istvan Malyar & Mary Beshalk. I do not know what the correct spelling of Mary's last name is. I found this info on my grandparent's wedding license issued in Pennsylvania.

Please let me know if you can help and what your services & rates are.

Thank you.
Re: Hungarian names of Zakarpattya villages.
February 07, 2018 10:59AM
Hi Elaine, thanks for making your post. In my opinion, no need for desperation, situation is good at least for your gmather's ancestral family. Your gfather’s ancestral family in Nagycsongava is more problematic.

Also, if your gfather anf gmother got married here, in Transcarpathia, this family also can be traced in civil records. However, this point has to be specified.

Please check your mail, I have a number of questions to you.

About services and rates, first, this is private information and so it will be provided only privately, second, this is individual information, rate is based on volume of work that supposed to be mage during research. So first of all I need to understand my tasks clearly and only then cost of work will be declared.

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