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Hungarian names of Zakarpattya villages.

Posted by Maxim 
Some questions about my wife's great grandparents:
George/Jura/Gjorgz Brendzej/Brindzej/Bronza
b. Feb 10, 1888
Village of Gernyes (now Kopashnova, Ukraine?)
at the time Czechoslovakia
1939 part of Hungary
d. Oct 27, 1956
Witt, Illinois
father: Laszlo Laszlo
mother: Baska Cecilia

Mary Buchko Bronza
b. Sept 28, 1889 d. Dec 21, 1976
Village of Zavadka (now part of Ukraine)
at the time Czechoslovakia
d. Dec 21, 1976
Witt, Illinois
first husband Andrew Buchko
Re: Hungarian names of Zakarpattya villages.
September 02, 2015 08:33AM
Greg, information is clear enough but I'd like to hear your questions. Please check your mail.
I am hoping you maybe able to find information on my grandparents. George Kuzma born Domafalva in 1892. I know his parents and siblings names but nothing more than that. Anna Szvetlovics born in Kisberezna in 1894. I do have her parents names. Would it be possible to find more information on them? What are your fees for this service?
Looking for information on Hungarian village Feketepatak, later Cherny Potok in Cz and now it is Chornyi Potik in Ukraine. Location is 48.4, 23. and it is between Mukacheve and north of Vynohradivskiy . My great grandparents (surname Klein) lived here late 19th and early 20th century. I have found info from others documenting Subcarpathian Ukraine which show current geography to be very rural and agricultural. Not sure of the size of Chornyi Potik. Looking for archives for this village both civil and those of Jewish organizations.
Re: Hungarian names of Zakarpattya villages.
October 20, 2015 08:45AM
Malcolm, Chornyj Potik is probably 2 km long village in modern Irshava region, in 16 km from Irshava, with population over 1000 of inhabitants. The village is not big, really. Jewish records are almost absent, civil records are available, like for any other village or city. Please check your mail.
Hello, My great grandma Terezie Lunova was born in Salánk Hungary 1908. Her parents were also both born there as well. They immigrated to the US in 1922. Her parents names were Rosena and Herman Lunova. I am having a hard time finding any records most importantly birth certificates. They were Jewish. From research I can tell there were just over a 100 Jews there during this time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Hello! And thanks for the list--I'm HOPING you might be able to have the answers I've been searching for...for years.

I have a Ferencz Spanbauer b. 1882 who immigrated, and the ellis island passenger list shows a "Krabonitza," or Hrabonicza (Bereg Varmegye, Hungary at the time of immigration according to some suggestions I've gotten.) I've seen immigration dates of 1895 and 1902, which suggests either different people or two trips.
Your list has two areas with that name:
Munkács Járás / Munkács district
Hrabonicza / Alsóhrabonicza / Alsógereben = Nizhnya Hrabivnytsja, this village doesn’t exist now
Szolyva Járás / Szolyava district
Hrabonicza / Felsőhrabonicza / Felsőgereben = Verhnya Hrabivnytsja

Other than a death certificate here in the US with a listing of his father as "Johan" and a possibly brother named "John" who also came to the US, I have no other information. He married a woman from Dube, also in Bereg....

Any thoughts, suggestions, hints, or advice? I would greatly appreciate them...
Dear Maxim, I am trying to locate the town or village that my grandmother comes from. On the ship manifest it is listed just as Felso. In reading the naturalization papers of someone who was traveling with her, the town/village was called Felsoszereny. I have looked everywhere to find this village. I do not know anything about the village. I cannot find it. I do not know which area of Hungary she was from. Her name was Hani Weiss. Her father was Josef Weiss. There are lots of Josef Weiss's in the records, I really need the village in order to narrow the number of Josef Weisses. I believe her mother was Szali Paszternak, I think Paszternak was her mother's maiden name. I cannot find any records about Paszternak either. It would be wonderful if you could point me in the right direction. Thank you in advance. Anita
Dear Maxim, Sorry, I forgot to say that my grandmother was born about 1890 and came to the US in 1905. thank you, anita

I'm trying to find information on my grandfather Theodorum (Frank/Fedor) Koroly who was from Turja Vagas, which is now Turia Remete (Turja Remety) in the Perechin district of Uzh county. When my grandmother was baptized, her godparents were Michael Haluska and Anna Koralyak. At that time, Theodorus' place of birth was called Turja Paszika, which I understand is the same place as Turja Vagas.

Koraly is not listed as a family name in any of your lists, could he have been related to Koralyak, and Koraly derived from that?

Any help/info much appreciated!

Thank you.

Donna Batcho
My grandmother, listed on a ship manifest as Giza Schwimmer, in 1908, was born May 25, 1895, in Hungary. She used to pronounce the Village she was from as "Miedyanitz." She also mentioned Ungvar, Hungary, and that she lived not far from Budapest. On your site, the closest name I found seems to be "Midjanytsja," in Felvidek Jaras. Would you know if this might be the right place? Or where I can find more information? There was another listing in Munkacs Jaras, that looks a little similar. Any help would be appreciated.
Can you give me any information on Szeged, Hungary circa 1950's? My grandfather may have immigrated to the US via New Jersey port around 1956-1957. On his naturalization papers, he married in Georgia to his second wife (not my grandmother). I wish to find out about my grandmother and my grandfather, what ship my grandfather may have been listed, his records from Szeged, Hungary.
Re: Hungarian names of Zakarpattya villages.
February 09, 2016 09:12AM
OK, right now my visitors can see a chain of forum posts without answer - but it's not so. All people who addressed me, got my answers in email messages, and every problem was discussed. I just was too overwhelmed by work and had not time to publish posts and my answers online. So they will appear here soon.
Re: Hungarian names of Zakarpattya villages.
February 09, 2016 09:21AM
Hi Tracy, it depends, what kind of information on Szeged you look for. Since you want to find out about your grandmother and grandfather, I personally can't help you as genealogists because Szeged is not Transcarpathia, it's a city in Hungary. However, it doesn't mean information can't be obtained, please check your mail, I will send you contacts of a great Hungarian researcher who will help you to get answers.
Re: Hungarian names of Zakarpattya villages.
February 09, 2016 06:39PM
Hello Maxim,

I'd like to find more information concerning my ancestors and their village, Baranya, Hungary/Baranyntsi, Ukraine.
My great grandfather was Mihaly Hajdu/Michael Hajduk. The information from his death certificate has July 12, 1887 as his birth date and being the son of Mihaly Hajduk and Anna Hodra. He was of Greek Catholic faith and Baranya, Ung is written as his birth place on my grandmother's baptismal record.

Michael Hajduk also had a cousin, Istvan Hajdu/Stephen Hajduk that immigrated with him in 1904 from Baranya/Baranyntsi. I'd also like to find out as much as possible about his family.

Do you have any information or idea why the surname has been spelled Hajduk and Hajdu? The surname has been spelled several different phonetic ways throughout records in the United States. But, my own relatives spelled the surname with and without a K.

I'd appreciate any help or direction in obtaining information about my family.

Susan Vargo
Re: Hungarian names of Zakarpattya villages.
February 10, 2016 11:04AM
Hi Susan, I guess I can tell few interesting facts about Baranya/Baranyntsi. This is one of the oldest villages in Transcarpathia. First it was mentioned in written sources in 1409. In 14th century it was little hamlet which consisted of only 3 households, owned by Barani family. So this is where the name of village comes from.

A hundred of years later, in 15th century, tax lists mention 10 farmers’ households which means middle-sized village at the time. Till 1599, village kept name Upper Baranyntsi, and till 1670, it was exclusive property of Barani family. Village was rich and developed.

Accordingly to 1938 census, it consisted of 132 households, and was inhabited by 352 Hungarians, 285 Rusyns and 5 Slovaks. Today it consists of 535 houses, and 2200 inhabitants.

About your inquiry, I see good chances because GC records for the time are available. Please check your mail, I will send my suggestions.
Maxim, thank you so much for this information. I am searching for information about Davidfalva. My family is Almasi, Kusnyir, Masiko and Horvath. Possible link to Speigel & Weisz from Davidfalva.
I was wondering whether you know anything about a district called Bela Orzensky, it's supposedly near Mukachevo. My grandfather supposedly was from there but we know very little about him so even that might not be true. He was born sometime in 1938, so maybe the place changed names if it exists in the first place.
Thank you
Re: Hungarian names of Zakarpattya villages.
February 29, 2016 10:33AM
Hi, in case with Davidfalva, rite is important. Records are available not for all rites, so please check your mail, I have specifying questions to you.
I am trying to locate the birth of my great-grandmother, the information I have came from the US passenger list from Ellis Island. The way she spelled the village of her birth is: Maroowyauah ??? I think she may have had a problem translating this from Hungarian to English. I have attempted to narrow my search by looking at old maps on Wikipedia, history of Hungary. I think she may have been born in Maramaros.

Her maiden name on her US death certificate was: Josefa Gulacy or Josefa Gulocy: Feminine spelling?? She was born 22 March 1884 or 1888 by 2 different records.

Very Respectfully,
Re: Hungarian names of Zakarpattya villages.
March 19, 2016 09:20AM
Hi Diana, probably you meant village, not district. Bela Orzensky near Mukachevo sounds for me like a bit distorted Berezinka/Berszinka/Nyirhalom/Birkendorf of Munkacs district, a village right near Mukachevo. It's only a guess of course, but matches good. But if it was in some other area, this could create more variants.
Re: Hungarian names of Zakarpattya villages.
March 19, 2016 09:22AM
Hi Dough, it would be better if you sent some good quality scan of document mentioning "Maroowyauah". This name doesn't exist of course, for me it looks like some incorrect deciphering of Hungarian spelling. Unless you have additional information, name itself doesn't point to Maramaros, as you know Maramaros is county, not village.

Surname Gulacy sounds in Hungarian way, and rite of your ancestors is also important. If they were RC of Refs, they definitely were Hungarians, local Carpathians Slavs Rusyns were mostly GC or Orthodoxes.
I happened upon your website today and am hoping you can provide some pieces of information for my ancestry search. According to immigration records and naturalization papers, my grandfather was born in Hungary or Czechoslovakia. I know his mother was murdered in 1904 when he was 2. I finally located my great-grandfather's immigration record from 1902 and it indicates he resided in Turja Remek prior to emigrating to the United States. His last name was Skubenics. I found another Skubenics that came to the US in 1902 and his record indicated he was from T. Remete, so I am assuming they are from Turjaremete. Can you provide any information on this area. Are there any ancestry websites that I can try to continue the search of the family name in that region?
Re: Hungarian names of Zakarpattya villages.
August 15, 2016 10:00AM
Hi Ron, thanks for your post but first of all, no ancestry websites are available for this area. Records are held by state archives of Transcarpathia. You can travel here and get access personally but it will cost a lot of money and effort, or you can hire a researcher as I and this definitely will be much cheaper, faster and almost effortlessly.

About your situation, yes I see possibility to get this information, GC and civil records for Turjaremete are available. Please check your mail, I have few specifying questions to you.
Hello, I found this thread doing a search for the listed maiden name of my great-great grandmother "Paszika".

I found zero results as a surname but have been led a few times to this region in the west of Ukraine.

In all official documents she states she was born "about 3 miles from Budapest" - but there was some understanding growing up that she identified as and spoke Ukrainian.

Shortly before she died she revealed that she was Jewish.

Was it common for Jews in the Austro-Hungarian empire to take place names??? Im thinking she may have actually been from Turja Paszika. This would have been a decade or so before WWI - so the early 20th century.

Am I off base on this?? If this is a likelyhood where should I follow up in regards to to Jews of that time/area?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Graham McNallie
Re: Hungarian names of Zakarpattya villages.
September 22, 2016 07:36AM
Hi Graham, your situation is interesting, I'd like to form my opinion.

First of all, it wasn't common for Jews to take place names. Jews always had German surnames, almost without exception. You can be very right about mixing up her surname and origin, and Paszika as origin seems very plausible. The key problem is that you don't know her real surname, she hided it for some reason. Jewish records for Turja Paszika exist, birth records for example start from 1846. But unfortunately this gives you nothing exactly because you don't know her surname, and this is the reason why research in Jewish records can't be made.
Re: Hungarian names of Zakarpattya villages.
December 14, 2016 12:03AM
In an attempt to do some of my own research, I came across your webpage. I have family roots in Makkos Janosi and need additional information about the surnames Halavacs and Szpivak that come from that area. I believe that area now is in Porumbesti and Cidreag Satu Mare Romania if my information is correct.
The names that I would like additional family information for are Micholes Halavacs born approx. 1870 who married Ilona Szidor. Also looking for information about Josephus Szpivak born in 1860 who married Anna Gorbe who was born in 1865. Would love to hear from you about the possibility of assisting in this effort.
Re: Hungarian names of Zakarpattya villages.
December 15, 2016 03:53PM
Hi Shon, thanks for publishing your post. First of all, Makkos Janosi is not in Romania, this is modern Yanoshi in Ukraine, Trancarpathia, Beregovo region. This way, if your ancestors come from Yanoshi, records are in archive and I can help you.

This village was predominantly Hungarian and local Hungarians were Reformats. Old statistics indicate population of 1118, mostly Hungarians, in 1910. And surnames Halavacs and Szpivak sound like Slav, we know that Slavs were mostly GC or Orthodoxes, with understandable exceptions, of course. This is a moment I would like to understand better.

Please check your email, I have few specifying questions to you.
Good evening ~

I am working on my genealogy and researching my 2nd great-grandparents. Based on previous research from a cousin, my 2nd great-grandfather came from Lazy, Ungvar, Hungary, and his wife from "Orichovga," Ungvar, Hungary. I see Lazy on your list, which I was able to find on other sites, but are you familiar with this Orichovga, or what else it may be?
This is as far back as I am able to go, at this point. I appreciate any advice you may have.

Thank you!
Re: Hungarian names of Zakarpattya villages. Ung megye.
February 15, 2017 08:15AM
Hi C. Dolgash, thanks for making your post. Answering your direct question, this is easy, what you mean likely is modern village Orihovytsja which can be found on maps here:


Orihovytsja is one of the oldest villages in Transcarpathia, it was populated by Slavic tribes yet in 8-9th centuries. In 15th century is was known as Rahoncha.

About advice I may have, I need to know your objectives first. For example, if you want to know about your family as much as possible, I would advice making genealogical research with my help. However, right now I can't state anything because I lack information.

Please check your mail, I have specifying questions to you.

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