Dear Maxim,

On rootsweb (Zakarpattia board) you mentioned that you might have some time over summer to help decipher some Cyrillic handwriting for the Carpathian Reflections site.

Some time ago I found a necrology list of Greek Catholic priests in a film for Paszony, Szabolcs varmegye. Half of the lists were written in Hungarian and the other half were in Cyrillic.

Because I have problems reading Cyrillic handwriting I started a small project to create a list of Cyrillic causes of death with examples of handwriting from these records. However my attempts to decipher the Cyrillic handwriting are terrible and I need some help. I am not always sure if the language is Ukrainian, Russian, or Romanian Cyrillic.

I am not able to attach the file on this forum. However if you write to me at I can send you my draft file for you to review.

kind regards
Catherine Rowland
Sydney, Australia
Re: Cyrillic handwriting project
July 28, 2013 12:01PM
Hello Catherine, language you see is Rusyn which is authentic language of local inhabitants. Basically it’s variant of Old-Russian language which developed to something original. It has common traits with Russian and Ukrainian languages but there is not identity. It also has a lot of adoptions from Hungarian and Slovak.

Yes of course, I will help you. It’s a good idea to create an example list. Files can be attached on general forum only but it’s better to send them in private.

I will send you email with my suggestions.

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