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Zirnzak Robl Inquiry

Posted by Robert Robl 
Zirnzak Robl Inquiry
July 31, 2013 05:32AM
Hello from Homer, Alaska!

I was told to ask you for a quote on Carpathian German genealogy as you are very knowledgeable. Would you be interested in finding some info about some of my ancestors? I don't need anything very extensive, just some names. I can email my great great grandmother's Katalin's baptismal certificate to see if this would help you provide a quote if you like. She was born 04 March 1873 in Sinyak I believe. Also, Katalin married a Franz Robl in Muncaks. I can send his passport.

Deepest Thanks,

Robert Robl
Re: Zirnzak Robl Inquiry
August 02, 2013 11:57AM
Hello Robert, we have already cleared some specific things in emails and here’s what I would like to publish for forum.

Synjak, Hungarian Szinyak, German Blaubad, now is village of city type with 200 of inhabitants. Interestingly, in 1910 its population was 131 of people, mostly Germans. So it didn’t change radically for last 100 years.

It’s known as little spa city and also as area with big number of mineral water springs of supreme quality. First mention about these springs was found in 1783, stationary spa was built in 1838 by Earl Philip Franz von Schönborn.

Now they have great spa “Synjak” there with a lot of medical services. Nature around is astonishing, I saw it personally when I was there.

In genealogic terms, Synjak is referenced to Mukachevo and Chynadijevo / Szentmiklós. Munkacs has big collection of Roman-Catholic records, rare city can boast of it.

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